Chilkoot checklist: how to get treking

Posted: Sunday, July 22, 2007

Chilkoot Trail logistics

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From Juneau, the trip to Lake Bennett and back will cost a minimum of $300.

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To make the trip, you need a trail permit and a rail pass. A train offers hikers a ride back to Skagway on days other than Wednesday and Saturday.

This summer, last-minute arrangements are possible. Trail use has declined from its Centennial height in the late 1990s.


• Required trail permits: $64, arranged through Parks Canada on a reservation-based system designed to limit the trail to 50 people per day.

• The White Pass & Yukon Railway ride from Bennett to Skagway: $90. Make reservations from home; pick up the permits and rail tickets in Skagway before leaving for Dyea and the trial.

• Round trip ferry from Juneau to Skagway: $100.

• Skagway Home Hostel: $15 per person per night. Call in advance. To avoid the Skagway crowd, go straight to the Dyea campground for $6 a night. Visit the Skagway police and they will direct you to a free and legal camping spot in Skagway.

• Dyea Dave will pick you up at the park office and deliver you and your gear to the trailhead for $10 per person. No need to call; they are always there and ready.

Besides basic gear for overnight hiking, bring:

• Mosquito net

• Bear spray

• Cash for meal service at Bennett train depot

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