Good start doesn't end in win for girls

Anchorage beats Juneau in Little League championships

Posted: Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Little League Juneau All-Stars Girls came out on a mission to beat the Anchorage All-Stars on Monday night at Melvin Park, but lost the game 14-7.

Courtesy Of Juneau Softball Association
Courtesy Of Juneau Softball Association

Juneau scored four runs in the first inning and stole five bases.

Gracie Meiners continued her strong hitting drive in two runs in the first two innings. Andrea Gordon also got on the board early with a single that drove in leadoff batter Randi Held.

Juneau started the game with Kayla Balovich on the mound, who made a key play in the first inning. With two Anchorage runners on base and two outs, Balovich chased down a bunt and made a nice throw to first base, preventing Anchorage from scoring in the first inning.

The Anchorage team made a few mistakes, dropping three balls in the first two innings. Juneau took an early lead, going up 6-0 after two innings.

Anchorage got on the board by scoring one run in third inning, but the side ended when Juneau catcher Breanne Chapman made a heads up tag on Pauline Tufi as she slid into home.

Anchorage put the pressure on again in the fourth inning by loading the bases with only one out. With the game half over, rain started falling heavily and Balovich walked a batter with the bases loaded, putting the score at 6-2 in Juneau's favor.

Anchorage's Gabby Meyerson hit a single, driving in another run to make the score 6-3.

Next up to bat was Anchorage's Tufi with runners on second and third base. Tufi, a powerhouse who had an over-the-fence home run the night before, hit a deep shot to center field, which was caught by Gracie Meiners.

The crowd went wild as Juneau survived a scare and the fifth inning started with Juneau ahead by three.

Anchorage responded by making two quick outs, including another strike-out by pitcher Sidney Smith. Then Juneau All-Star Sierra Westika, who had a hard time pitching on Sunday night, redeemed herself by hitting a hard grounder down center field and driving in another runner to put Juneau up 7-3.

Juneau led most of the game but the pressure was on every inning, and the fifth inning was no exception. Anchorage was able to score seven runs and bring the score to 14-7, mostly due to walks from Juneau's young pitchers who had to endure cold temperatures and pouring rain. The fifth inning was painfully long for Juneau, and they bought in four different pitchers.

Juneau wasn't able to mount a comeback and Anchorage won the game 14-7. Anchorage will play in Vancouver next week.

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