Taxing the rich is a good idea

Posted: Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I am writing in response to the article, "Bad time to be rich? Only if you don't like to pay taxes." In my opinion, the wealthy have not paid enough taxes since our country became independent in 1776. It is time for the rich to feel the oppression that the poor and the working class have felt for centuries.

The rich are now screaming because they soon will pay more taxes. Give me a break. It is outrageous that a person who makes $5 million a year only has to pay $372,950 in taxes. Many in the poor and working class have been paying double taxes on everything from payroll checks, electricity bills, Internet bills, cell phone bills, telephone bills, trash bills, grocery bills, car rental bills, airline tickets, hotel bills, property taxes and more.

I have a great idea. I feel that if you can afford a Mercedes Benz, you can pay a little extra for registration from the Department of Motor Vehicles. (Somebody should tell the California governor about this idea.) Rich people such as Bill Gates and others can even create jobs to help the unemployment rate go down, so why do we have depend on our government fix all the problems in our society?

Moreover, it is the community that plays the role of the consumer. Therefore, it is time for the wealthy to take the heat and stop harassing our federal government. Now is the time for everyone to start writing letters to our representatives in Congress and tell them it is a great idea to tax the wealthy as much as 50 percent. Go ahead. Let's make this country the way it was during the John F. Kennedy era.

Alfredo Velazquez


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