Google car spotted

Camera-fitted vehicle taking photos for Google Earth, maps

Posted: Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A tricked-out Google car has been spotted in town.

Courtesy Of Johnathan Quayle
Courtesy Of Johnathan Quayle

Strapped to a pole atop the car, multiple cameras automatically record images of Juneau's streets for Google's Street View, company spokeswoman Elaine Filadelfo confirmed in an e-mail.

That's a free service in which people can see 360-degree street-level views of places on Google Maps and Google Earth.

Google first published Juneau images on Street View in February 2008 - before Anchorage, Nashville, New Orleans, Seattle and many other cities. The company is driving Juneau again to keep the images up to date.

People who don't want Google's images of their houses online can request their removal.

It takes between a few months and a year before the pictures make it to Street View.

The Google car also was in Ketchikan recently.

This is the second time Google has made a stir in Juneau this month. Jets associated with the company's founders were in town during the July 4 weekend.

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