Champions crowned, Drunkateers finish undefeated at 14-0

Posted: Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sunshine, glacier backdrops, eagles circling over centerfield...

Juneau Softball Association
Juneau Softball Association

It was a fantastic week of finales and as always, there were a few surprises to be had - this was championship week, afterall.

Women's C Division

Pat's Douglas Inn rode out the last week on a broom, sweeping Imperial 16-5, and Sticks N Stones 20-3. But it was too little too late as the Lady Imperialistas took the crown and left the stadium, leaving Alaska Litho with a season ending forfeit victory.

Everyone else had a 7-10 split - as it was each week in this "who will beat who this week" division.

Sticks N Stones rocked Lynden 12-11, but the Lady Transporters put the press on Alaska Litho 14-7 to finish their season on a high note. Congratulations to the entire division, and especially to Imperial for a hard-fought Division C title.

Women's D Division

Merchant's Wharf piled through the last weeks of the season on a four-game win streak, and it carried them to the Division D championship.

Wharf cranked the Parts Plus Ladies 11-3, and clubbed the Chicks with Sticks 14-2 to win out.

The big news of the week - though hard to hear through all the cheering, screaming and revelry - was AEG Staffing's first victory of the season, a divine shutting down of Hecla's Angels 10-4. Yup, that's a big ten-four.

The Angels didn't get any more divine intervention as the Parts Plus Ladies socketed 'em 18-6. Chicks clubbed Mendenhall Mall 22-3, but no word on the finale between the Mall crawlers and AEG.

Men's C Division

Team Imperial won out for the last six games, braking down Parts Plus 35-7, and skinning TimberWolf 25-24.

But it wasn't enough to catch Taku Oil. The Oil men lubed Parts Plus 28-14, but not before the T'Wolf hunted them down 12-11. Taku Oil Sales are now the reigning Men's C Division champions, and congratulations to them for a great season.

Men's D Division

What a great ending to a great division rivalry. It all came down to the last night, and the last game of the season. SE Mine Supply made it Aurora Australis with a 17-5 light show over Northern Lights, and then squared off the Rounders 10-9.

Pavitts did the disappearing act this week, handing forfeit victories to Dirty Dozen and Northern Lights. The season championship all came down to the Rounders needing to beat the Dirty Dozen, or the Miners would be the champs. When the Dirty Boyz walked off the field, they sang, "You are the Champions" to the Rounders. Congratulations to the Rounders, champions of Men's D Division, in the closest battle of the season.

Men's E Division

Kappler Computers started strong and hardwired the finish with eight straight victories, screening only one defeat on the season.

They remodeled Home Depot 24-13, and then made Island Pub pay for the shots 19-16.

After a no-show forfeit loss to Island Pub, Gas N Go refueled for a 17-6 drive by on Play it Again. Home Depot prevailed in the battle of the box stores, repeatedly Playing it Again 20-14.

No software for Kappler Computers, they did it all and earned the hardware. They are the Men's E Champions. Congratulations to Kappler Computers on a great season.

Men's F Division

The First National Caps and the UAS Flukes entered their season finale showdown all tied up for first place, but the Big Fish capped off the season with a champagne bubble net feeding, 20-9.

Earlier in the week, the Flukes spyhopped over the 10 Rightfielders 13-5, but the 10 Men finished strong, curbing Perseverance/Pak's 10-9.

The Pak men parked Double Ugly 9-6, while the Caps inflicted a 14-12 stinging on the ACOA Mudstingers.

Double Ugly made it an o-fer 'stinger week with a benadryl-laced 17-8 thumping over the Mudstingerless.

Congratulations to the UAS Flukes, taking it right down to the wire, for the Men's F Division Championship.

Coed D Division

Of the 62 teams playing in the JSA, only the Drunkateers made it through the season unblemished, finishing undefeated and untied to win the Coed D Division Championship.

The Drunkateers put braces on Nizich Dental 17-3, and put the berry topping on SE Waffle House 22-11.

Elsewhere, Wee Fishie got the 7-10 no-play split with a forfeit loss to Nizich Dental, and a forfeit win over Team Miller Lite.

Again, congratulations to the Drunkateers on their undefeated championship season.

Coed E Division

Abby's Hooliguns catered the crowd, running the table over the last six games, earning the Coed E Division championship trophy.

Coming into the final weekend, it looked to be an Auke Bay Electric showdown with the 'guns. The GCI Party Fouls kept the music playing, toasting Valley Liquor Crown Royals 22-14.

But Auke Bay got shortcircuited by the Party Fouls 17-4, while the Hooliguns ensured victory by taking a policy on Cliff Beadle's State Farm 8-4.

When the 'guns shot down the un-Electric ones 19-11, the title was theirs.

Congratulations to Abby's Hooliguns for a great season, and their first championship.

Coed F North Division

The Killer Bees were only a game ahead of Brain Pain coming into the last night of the season. Brain Pain started the night off and shopped Foodland 8-5, while the Pavitt Piranhas munched on Bartlett Too 18-12.

That left it all up to the old folks of Haz Gas and the Killer Bees. When the dust had settled and the oxygen wheeled off the field, the Gassers buzzed the Bees 6-4, leaving Killer Bees and Brain Pain tied on top of the standings, one game ahead of Pavitts.

In the only championship tie breaker of the season, Killer Bees stung Brain Pain twice, whereas Brain Pain inflicted a headache on Killer Bees once during head-to-head play this season.

Congratulations to Killer Bees, champions of Coed F North, in the closest JSA pennant race.

Coed F South Division

Team America made it 13 in a row with a 20-7 car jacking of Alaska Towing, and a 17-9 gnashing of the T&H Mad Batters.

Then, ERM Adder-Ups spread it on the Mad Ones 23-10. Bartlett Bruisers operated on Trusted Choice 9-6, and then put Reliable Oil in post-op, 12-4. The Pirates found their Jolly Roger for the fifth straight game and tied down Off The Cuff 6-4. Team America lost its first game of the season and then went on a tear, winning its next 13 games and the Coed F South Championship. Congratulations for quite a string of victories!

Coed G Division

Seabreeze typhooned the Red Headed Kidz 12-7 for their 13th straight victory, and only an opening game loss kept them from the ranks of undefeated.

The MRT Slammers whacked AWARE 19-13, and a battalion of Terminators tromped over Attractive Nuisance 24-5.

In the end, no team had the wind of Seabreeze, the new Coed G Division Champions. Congratulations on a great win streak and a fabulous season.

It was a fantastic season for Juneau Softball. We had spectacular weather, always competitive play, super sportsmanship, and a setting for softball unrivalled anywhere. Thanks to all the players, the umpires, the field staff, the fans and the JSA Board for making this a season we will all remember.

Useless factoids from the season: the two longest win streaks without going undefeated were Team America, Coed F South, and Seabreeze, Coed G, at 13 consecutive wins each.

Alaska Towing, Coed F South and the Pavitt Piranhas, Coed F North, were the only teams to have winning records, yet score fewer runs than their opponents.

Every team in JSA won at least one game. The highest runs per game average was Team America, Coed F South, at 18.5. The lowest runs allowed per game was Merchants Wharf, Women's D, at 5.9.

Check out the JSA Web site at each Wednesday for the "Quiz of the Week," and to see all the updated scores and standings.

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