Award-winning film to be shown at the Silverbow

Posted: Thursday, July 22, 2010

"About Face: The Story of Gwendellin Bradshaw," an internationally award-winning film set in Alaska, will be shown at 7 p.m. Thursday, July 22, at the Silverbow Inn.

The feature documentary film, a joint project of Affinityfilms, Inc. and the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority, profiles a young Alaska woman as she seeks answers to her mother's tragic behavior and history of mental illness. It was selected as "Best Film" at the Anchorage International Film Festival.

Producer and director Mary Katzke, with discussion leader and school psychologist Deb Ward, will introduce the film and answer questions after the screening.

"The goal of this film is to share an incredibly powerful and moving story in hopes of raising awareness about mental illness so that people can access the help they need," Katzke said. "Mental illness is a treatable condition, not a character flaw."

There is no charge for admission but donations will be accepted and DVDs will be for sale. Mental health professionals who bring a business card will be given the DVD and discussion guide free of charge.

Major funding for the film was provided by Chicken and Egg Pictures, The Fledgling Fund, Rasmuson Foundation, Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority, A & E IndieFilms, and the Alaska State Council on the Arts.

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