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Posted: Sunday, July 23, 2000

Ride 'em, Mooseboy

Ever look at a moose and wonder what it would be like to ride one? A Soldotna man apparently did. A neighbor caught what turned out to be a very short rodeo ride on video in March of 1987, and the misadventure footage has resurfaced at the Los Angeles studios of ``Real TV.'' The show airs a mix of accidents, disasters and other caught-on-camera moments.

According to ``Real TV'' producers, Kevin Moore discovered a moose in his front yard. He coaxed it closer with a bowl of grain and then jumped on the wild animal's back. How long did he stay on? ``Uh, well, briefly,'' said Larry Fleece, executive producer of ``Real TV.''

Moose biologists, by the way, say riding one would be incredibly stupid. ``Just from surprise alone, the thing's going to go ballistic,'' said Kris Hundertmark at the state's Moose Research Center. ``They can kick with all four feet and in a 360-degree circle. They have no blind spots, and they are just deadly. They are so fast that you are not going to get out of the way, period.''

A dogged approach

At a news media forum last week, Lt. Gov. Fran Ulmer was asked if she thought the media in Alaska was doing a good job. She answered, in part, with a rhetorical question: ``Should the press be a watch dog, a lead dog, an attack dog or a sled dog?'' Her answer: ``The lead dog or sled dog approach.'' Does this mean reporters have to wear booties, sleep on straw and howl, howl, howl?

High-flying canine

Glacial rebound must be working faster than we think. An alert reader recently reported hearing a KTOO radio DJ inform listeners about someone's lost dog. The poor canine was -- get this -- reported last seen near the 12,000-foot level of Mount Juneau. Can we get tickets to that tour, too?

Tourist for a day

We already get for free a lot of what others pay to see. Glaciers, eagles, mountains, that sort of stuff. Now public radio is giving away tours and other experiences-for-hire in a promotion this week. The catch for Be a Tourist Week: You have to demonstrate some knowledge of our town. Like the elevation of our fair town. (The answer, we like to tell visitors, is ``At high tide or low tide?'')

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