Difference in tone

Posted: Tuesday, July 23, 2002

Recently I have been looking at Fran Ulmer's Web site and Frank Murkowski's Web site.

Here are the headlines on Fran Ulmer's site: "Frank Murkowski is a man with a problem." "Ulmer Criticizes Legislature." "Murkowski Scares Rural Alaskans." "Murkowski is Out of Touch." "Murkowski Camp Misleads Public." "Ulmer Calls Murkowski on Doubletalk."

Compare that with the headlines Frank Murkowski's site: "Small Business Supports Murkowski." "Murkowski Renews ANWR, Gasline Fight." "Fishermen Endorse Murkowski." "Murkowski Supports Immigrant Health." "Daily News: Murkowski's Good Idea."

If you want a candidate who complains and blames, you can pick Fran, and hope you never disagree with her. But if you want a candidate with a positive attitude and a message of hope, vote for Frank. I know I will.

John N. Sweeney


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