Demand accountability

Posted: Wednesday, July 23, 2003

The Bush administration's current push to initiate war against North Korea must be a smokescreen. The desire to raise an alarm against a potentially threatening storm on the Far East horizon seems to be a priority. No wonder. The political fallout from the untruths (lies?) about Iraq's WMD stockpile must be overcome soon. Now that we have won the "preventive" war against the Sadaam government but have not uncovered any WMD nor any credible evidence of such, we are being told we eradicated the lesser threat. The current concern of the administration seems to convince the American people we must soon destroy North Korea lest they attack us. If the United States can justify "preventive" war, cannot another government do the same? Indeed, they may make a "pre-emptive" strike.

There is no valid reasoning to justify our stockpile of nuclear (yes, and chemical/biological) weapons while going to war to prevent another nation from developing such weapons. Have you realized the United States is planning to burn thousands of tons of chemical weapons near Anniston, Ala.? Review the last few years and notice our ever-growing arrogance, which seems to reveal our desire to be the world's bully. We practiced our military prowess on Bosnia, Afghanistan and Iraq. We now seem to believe we are ready for North Korea. As the president reportedly said, "Bring them on."

We are only now getting some realistic projections on the cost and duration of our occupation of Iraq. Meanwhile, the debt burden is mushrooming, unemployment is climbing and many citizens are becoming disillusioned by the brashness of the Bush monologue. I admit I am one of this multitude. That's really hard. I am an active lifelong Republican who voted for George W. Bush. I hesitate to contemplate what leadership is doing to undermine our confidence in this administration. The following concern is what leadership may soon arise to succeed this one.

Please don't let issues be decided based only on the administration's control of television news. Let's demand accountability.

Bill Elkinton


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