The bigger issue is Net neutrality

Posted: Sunday, July 23, 2006

On July 15, you ran a story concerning Sen. Stevens' ineptness when discussing the Internet. It was good for a chuckle as it was in the New York Times article and on Jon Stewart. But I think a point needs to be made more strongly about an issue other than the senator's technical knowledge (or lack thereof).

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The big issue here is Net neutrality, which we know the senator opposes. Sen. Murkowski has not yet declared her thoughts on this, but when even one of our senators would support the desires of lobbyists from major media companies rather than the people he or she is supposed to represent, the prospects for democracy are bleak.

As I review the voting records of the Alaska congressional delegation I am appalled. Over and over, when voting on issues that have a direct affect on the welfare of Alaskans, they side with corporations whether it is Big Oil, pharmaceuticals, insurance companies or medical corporations. Just because those corporations give them more money than their paltry (by their standards) salary, does it mean they no longer represent us or our issues? If so, perhaps rather than listing candidates on ballots, there should be a listing of corporations they represent.

Dorrie Farrell


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