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Posted: Monday, July 24, 2000

I know the state and city's been on attack on the pull tabs for a long time now. I'll tell you one thing about George Wright - he offered the shirt off his back for when I needed some help.

Regarding using head tax funds to endow a UAS program - I think the head tax needs to be used to endow a spot in the police department, the fire department, EMS, new ambulances and new sidewalks - things that are impacted immediately by tourism. Not UAS.

I'd like to know why KINY and the other radio stations are not covering the girls' softball games. We have a tournament here right in town at Melvin Park and there's not one radio station out there.

I'm really disturbed about all the reports of bears getting into garbage. I really hope that the police and Fish and Game are citing all these people who have improperly stored garbage. Maybe this will be an example to other people to store their garbage properly.

To the woman who requested that I call Word of Mouth following my suggestion that she remove her dog from the downtown post office this past Saturday - ma'am, only assistance dogs are allowed in the federal building.

I'm a Juneau volunteer fire fighter of 16 years and quickly losing interest due to the fact that we handle day-to-day emergencies professionally, but when there's a job opening in the fire department, it's filled by someone from out of state. Also, there is no relationship whatsoever between volunteers and administration. What happened to the good old days?

We are in the middle of our summer. We still have plenty of overpriced real estate for sale to people who can barely make a living in Juneau. Maybe moving the capitol will become a reality so home prices will come down.

The flightseeing noise can't be too bad - it doesn't seem to bother the flamingos at all.

Here's a news flash - the pink flamingos weren't stolen. They left due to noise from all those flying contraptions. I'll bet the colony of flamingoes outside of Sitka has grown considerably. Case closed.

To the person who wrote that there are living pink flamingos perched in the trees going through some of the Inside Passages - those aren't live pink flamingos. Those were put there in 1984 as an April Fool's joke.

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