Business Profile: Andy Engstrom

Posted: Tuesday, July 24, 2001

Title and firm: Andy Engstrom is the owner and operator of Capital City Windows, now in its fifth season in Juneau.

Services: Half of his business is straight window washing. His clients include businesses, residences and the city of Juneau. "The sky's the limit," Engstrom said. "I have a rolling roof scaffold and descend in a bosun's chair."

He also does glass restoration, plus pressure-washing vinyl siding and moss on metal and asphalt roofs. He recently performed restoration on windows in the towers of the downtown library affected by environmental pollution.

"A lot of windows in Juneau are degraded by salt spray. Around Douglas and downtown, degradation comes from the Taku winds. Another problem is hard water stains which look like a permanent drip. Those stains are caused by rainwater hitting house paint, leaching ingredients out of the paint and carrying them to the glass. The materials burn or etch the windows like an acid," Engstrom said. Windows can also be blotched by spray paint that blows out of bounds or sealant that escapes frames.

When he can't reach windows by ladder or bosun's chair, he rents a lift that can scroll up to 60 feet in the air. He recently used one of these at Chatham Place Condos in Douglas, where safety regulations do not allow ladders.

Minimum rates are $40 plus tax for a one-story exterior and $50 plus tax for a two-story.

Background: Engstrom was born and raised in Juneau. He spent several years on the road as a composer and drummer, but moved back in 1996. "Music was my main career for a while, but now I call it a hobby," he said.

"My grandfather was on the first Alaska State Senate, my grandmother was in the first Legislature, and my dad was a lawyer, so I come from an old Juneau family," he said.

Family: Wife Becky Jo takes calls for the business. Their son, Brick, is 12.

Contact information: Call 463-5639 to arrange for an estimate. More information about glass degradation and restoration can be found on the Capital City Windows' Web site at

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