Thwarting our base impulses

Posted: Tuesday, July 24, 2001

No one can argue with the reality that an older generation can provide insight into resolving the internal and external conflicts that confront those younger. Chances are pretty good an identical situation has been reconciled by those older. Communicating their experience to aid in the resolution of contemporary conflicts makes for a somewhat less-stressful interplay among the younger. Everyone learns with age so what easier way to learn than through transmittal of the thoughts, feelings and motivations of one who has lived through similar circumstances.

Now, why would anyone flaw this knowledge, even the self-seeking-serving, before gaining its insight? It goes without saying that those of good will and intention recognize this verity of "learning from one's elders" but it's the self-seeking-serving that must be persuaded of the "truth" for it is they who without foresight allow these opportunities to be "expunged" from the community before benefiting. It's really a shame, then, that these "combative minded" have so much control over the public's opinion.

As a consequence, I've joined with the National Senior Service Corps here in Juneau to glean insight into most efficiently assuaging my daily travails by fraternizing with my elders. That's the small picture. In the "big picture" I'm a Greenpeace advocate wherein a current campaign we are waging is to inhibit countries like Norway, Japan and now Iceland from exterminating some of civilization's greatest living artifacts of mammalian group survival; the whale.

Over the billions of years life has been sustained on Earth, behavior patterns of the mammilla have evolved out of the oceans and some of the animals in this class have returned! Are Homo Sapiens so self-consumed never to have any concern for our future? Whereas the National Senior Service Corps is seeking assistance in befriending and serving some of Juneau's seniors, Greenpeace is seeking support to enforce a moratorium maintaining the South Pacific a whale sanctuary.

Upholding the current international moratorium has become increasingly difficult in the wake of stepped-up efforts by these countries to undermine United Nations authority. Norway and Japan have been at odds with the International Whaling Commission for quite some time. Recently Iceland has joined with these rogue states to undermine this U.N. effort.

Greenpeace as well as the National Senior Service Corps are like two megaphones with which to steer humans away from their meaner more base impulses. I think both these institutions need our support if not because of our compassionate instincts then because of our basic motivation: Self-preservation.

John S. Sonin


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