Blue diesel haze

Posted: Wednesday, July 24, 2002

If it's the slightest bit overcast outside, do you realize that for the entire day, each day, downtown is covered in blue diesel smog from cruise ships? I'm tired of looking at it every day from across the channel on Douglas Island. It's gross and it's nasty. I don't even want to go downtown when the cruise ships are in because I personally don't want to breathe it.

Can't anything be done about this!? Can't we make the cruise ships shut off their polluting engines and actually plug into city electricity. Gosh, you mean we could make money off these polluters who obviously just come here to take advantage of our resources? I assume we have a surplus of hydro power in the summer time. What's even worse is since this blue smog has no where to go because of the clouds I've seen it actually drift as far down the channel and cover Salmon Creek. I've even driven up North Douglas just to see how far it drifts. That means all the Juneau residents in those areas are breathing that smog, including our children.

This is really bad and I'm tired of it. Please, let's do something about this!

Bud Curtis


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