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Posted: Wednesday, July 24, 2002

Randy Ruedrich, chairman of the Republican Party of Alaska, in his letter to the Juneau Empire, stated that the new primary system deprives no one of freedom of choice.

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Soon you'll wonder

He failed to address the issue of the many of us who are registered as nonpartisan, and who indeed have been deprived of our freedom of choice in the primary elections: The freedom to vote, regardless of party, for the individuals we feel best suited to each office.

We are not, as Mr. Ruedrich analogizes, voting in a private club. I am voting, even at the primary level, on the occupancy of public offices, and voting at public expense to boot. If a political party wants to hold private elections to select people to put forth as their sole candidates for specific offices, they should do so at their own expense.

It also remains to be seen how our supposed secret balloting will be maintained when we must walk into a polling place and state the ballot we wish to vote. I am not one of those, come election day, who will be wondering why it was ever any different.

Becky Orford


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