Let people be themselves

Letter to the editor

Posted: Sunday, July 24, 2005

Mr. Cooper is just the kind of American that scares me to death. If we start saying "this isn't patriotic because I don't like it," then we lose what America is all about.

His solution is let them do it at home? When do we stop letting people be themselves? Before we realize it, things that we believe in will all be only at home because it offends someone somewhere.

"Believe as I believe and do as I do. Don't you dare have an opinion that doesn't match mine." We are already a country ruled by leaders that are pushing their moral and religious beliefs. The light at the end of the tunnel is growing dim, and people need to stand up for themselves. March in parades and respect those who don't agree, but don't stop or freedom is truly only a word.

I was appalled last year when the upheaval happened because someone expressed disappointment with the government. Some people of Juneau were ready to string him up. I applaud the panel that had the foresight to say it isn't right to restrict people's views to a narrow few.

The Fourth of July isn't just a day out for families. It is truly the one day to rejoice in the freedom we are still fighting to maintain. I respect Mr. Cooper's views and disagree wholeheartedly with them. That is my right.

Claudia J. Robles

Fort Smith, Ark.

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