Roundabout has major design flaw

Letter to the editor

Posted: Sunday, July 24, 2005

Thank you for the article by Andrew Petty in the Sunday edition explaining the delay in the completion of the roundabout on the Douglas side of the bridge. I was disappointed to see the article made no mention of the very obvious major design flaws of the roundabout. The construction has not been completed and it has already been necessary to put up a large yellow and black sign warning motorists of "Abrupt Lane Edge" and large traffic cones identifying the hazardous areas.

Why would the design team place such obstacles exactly in the critical spot where motorists are required to begin their turns at the entry points to the roundabout? Not only are those obstacles a hazard by themselves, but they also narrow the entry lanes from all three directions onto the roundabout by several feet.

Those obstacles that look like ramps cannot be meant to serve as handicap access ramps because they are just a few feet away from the access ramps that have already been built into the sidewalks. So what are they? What possible useful purpose do they serve? Why does this entire scenario remind me of the age-old quip that a camel is really a horse designed by a committee?

Paul Gulyas


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