Build the road for cheaper travel costs

Letter to the editor

Posted: Monday, July 24, 2006

To all the people against the road out of Juneau, here are some facts.

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The ferry fare from Juneau, round-trip for two adults and one 19-foot vehicle is $310 to Haines, $408 to Skagway, $1,384 to Prince Rupert, British Columbia, and $2,964 to Bellingham, Wash. These prices do not include a stateroom or meals.

The round-trip fare on Alaska Airlines from Juneau for two adults at the end of this month is $1,310 to Seattle and $729 to Anchorage.

With that kind of cost for travel in and out of Juneau, doesn't it make sense to have a road out of town so people can afford a cheaper way in and out of Juneau if they want to - and to be able to do it on a "spur of the moment?"

Jim Estes


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