Health care has already been paid for

Posted: Friday, July 24, 2009

The world, and America in particular, are awash with resources. The gross domestic product is largely derived from technology handed down freely from previous generations. (This letter could not be written and you could not read it but for the gift of language from our ancestors.)

The world's resources are our birthright, our inheritance. They belong to every human being. "We the people" own the gross domestic product.

Don't be distracted into thinking there is a question about how to pay for good health care. There are plenty of resources to supply all human needs. After human needs are met, there also are plenty of resources for investors and corporate managers to rightly and reasonably profit from their ambitious contributions to our world.

The real question is whether we allow corporate managers to divide the GDP pie before or after people's needs are met.

I've read in several recent national publications that about half of the world's resources are owned by only 2 percent of the world's population. It is obvious that the trickle-down effect from the wealthiest 2 percent of our population is not providing health care for 45 million Americans.

I suggest that people assume ownership of our resources. Demand a clean environment, family needs, education, public safety and good health care for everyone.

If you don't demand what is yours, lobbyists will snatch your share for their corporate bosses.

Mark Miller


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