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Posted: Tuesday, July 25, 2000

Dave Biddinger

Title and firm: Owner, Rent A Spouse.

Services: Rent A Spouse carries out general home repairs, with specialties ranging from pressure washing and painting to Sheetrock repair and door and window installation.

Biographical information: Biddinger, 34, was born in Maryland. His mother eventually moved to Juneau, and in 1985, Biddinger did the same. Today, his brother, sister and their children also live in Juneau. Biddinger doesn't much care for the rain, but loves ``the mountains, the hiking, the fishing - any outdoor stuff.''

In addition to Rent A Spouse, he's employed at BodyWorks Fitness Center, where he met his wife. Currently, Biddinger is working on his personal trainer's license.

Family: Biddinger and his wife, Julie, have one 4-month-old son, Dakota.

Latest project: If Rent A Spouse is a success, Biddinger hopes to expand and add a cleaning service component.

Notable: In addition to being a handyman, Biddinger is an artist - he does American Indian portraits and has three prints out.

Originally, his business was named ``Rent A Husband,'' but the name was taken by a business down south, and Biddinger was forced to change it. It may be just as well. ``I've had a few offers to do other work,'' Biddinger said with a laugh. ``And with the name `Rent A Husband,' to do work not work-related.''

Quotable: ``I was just sitting there one day -- I always wanted to start a business and `Rent A Husband,' came to mind. I mentioned it to somebody and they hired me right there.''

Employees: Just Biddinger.

Contact information: Biddinger can be reached at his home phone, 789-0203, or his cell phone, 321-0544.

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