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Posted: Tuesday, July 25, 2000

To those individuals who were upset because girls' softball isn't featured on the local radio station - broadcast radio is based on the sales of advertising and there aren't advertisers who want to sponsor girls' softball, but there are people who want to sponsor boys' hardball.

Please, no more money for the University of Alaska - especially head tax money. The university here and in Anchorage are like two octopuses with many arms reaching out for everything to the detriment for the rest of Alaska, especially Southeast. How sad.

The cruise ships yesterday left so much smoke behind it looked like Juneau was burning.

It's nice that people are starting to realize that the noise isn't that much of a problem anymore and the flightseeing operators are doing better. So, what's the problem with glacier landings? Are people afraid the helicopters will crush too many iceworms and that will lead to the extinction of the species? Or that the weight of the helicopters will crush the glaciers?

The Peace and Quiet Initiative will make Juneau a ghost town and the people who get the contract to study noise levels can laugh all the way to the bank. Outrageous.

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