A community danger

Posted: Wednesday, July 25, 2001

I am writing to voice my concern for our community and our children. On July 4, Jack Leck II was released into our community. On July 20, he was picked up for violating his parole. After Mr. Leck's release in 1996, he was re-arrested for violation of parole in 1997. There is a pattern occurring, and one that is escalating.

In less than a month this sexual predator has already violated the terms of his release. Under the guise of looking for a job, he used state resources to access pornographic material. This is not only a violation of his parole and public trust, but also an abuse of state resources.

As a community, and as parents, we depend on the parole system to carefully screen applicants seeking parole, and only release those who will follow the terms of their release, and respect the community they are released into. It is their job to revoke the parole of those who don't. This individual has already proven to have a flagrant disregard for the terms of his parole, as well as proving to everyone that he has not been rehabilitated.

In searching out sexual material at the first available opportunity, Mr. Leck is only proving that he is still a predator. Clearly he is still a danger to our community, and more especially, to our children.

The officers involved in the original investigation of this sexual predator still feel that he is a very real threat to our children. His recent actions have only proven what these experienced officers have cautioned us about. Do not repeat a previous mistake. Listen to the words and fears of those officers, parents and investigators and do the right thing by not letting this predator out again.

As a concerned parent, voter and community member, I cannot begin to express my anger that this sexual predator was released in the first place. Please do not compound that error by failing to seize this opportunity to put him back where he belongs, and to ensure that he serves out his entire sentence. It shouldn't take the body or fractured soul of another child to put him back in jail. The writing is on the wall, Jack Leck's recidivism rate is high. Now is the time to act, BEFORE another child is harmed.

Write to the Parole Board and let them know you do not want this monster back out. The address is: Alaska Board of Parole, Attn: Larry Jones, P.O. Box 112000, Juneau AK 99811-2000.

Name withheld by request


(The writer's identity is known to the editor. As occurred with two recent staff-written articles in the Empire, anonymity was granted in consideration of the writer's safety. - Editor)

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