What was she thinking?

Posted: Wednesday, July 25, 2001

Why would any sane being suggest that we have Capital Transit run a bus to the glacier (Letter to the Editor, July 23). Is there some reason why the citizens of Juneau should pay for this person's travel here in town?

She apparently could find the phone number for a taxi in the phone book and seemed to be aware that we have several fantastic tour companies here. Does she want us to make our private enterprise compete with our public transportation? If you visit Alaska you probably come with some expectation that it is the last frontier. This frontier still has bears and sometimes you still have to walk from the end of the bus line.

However, we are not so backward that we don't have taxis and I find their cost relative to what I pay when visiting other destination hot spots such as Las Vegas or Orlando. So when coming to Juneau be prepared for the wilderness and if you want to see it with all the comforts of home, bring some cash, we still have children to feed and payments to make. We love to have you here, but we ask that you pay just as we do when we go see you.

Chuck Collins


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