No place to go

Posted: Wednesday, July 25, 2001

I ask the help of my fellow residents of Juneau in a matter of charity. A growing number of people, in active disease of alcoholism and other forms of drug slavery are within our community, with virtually nowhere to stay, and we have few resources aimed at offering them hope that healing might be a real possibility.

For those in recovery and with monetary resources, we as a community, have ample resources to care for them and wish them well in their healing. But what of the ever growing number of those still in active disease, who need our care, if only in the hope that someday they may rise from their addition to renewal of life?

They have no place to go. A great chasm of care has developed, whereby the unpolite ill of our people are set aside to fend for themselves as our winter approaches. I give thanks for the leadership of Holy Trinity Episcopal Church who has left our church open so that those who need warmth and a soft place to rest might find comfort before the burning candle that signifies for us the presence of Christ in his Sacrament. We rouse them if we can before Divine Service, feed them if requested, and know that we are doing little in a community that can do much better.

In the name of Christ, I beg you to find a better way. Let us come together and find ways to honor the laws already in effect. Let us speak loudly to our hospital and other care agencies about the nature of this disease and change forever the pain suffered by so many. A warm floor and a morsel of food is the best we can do. The people and community of Juneau can do far better.

Father Rob F. Bruschi, Rector

Holy Trinity Episcopal Church


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