Save the whales, fishermen

Posted: Wednesday, July 25, 2001

I think I have a solution to the emerging Glacier Bay cruise ship crisis. This remedy will better protect whales, air quality and park asthetics while providing economic benefit to the residents of Icy Strait and nearby neighbors.

We should dramatically reduce the number of cruise ships visiting the bay and replace them with some trollers. We can then take the money that was earmarked for buyouts and use it for habitat restoration work in places like heavily logged Prince of Wales and Chichagof Island.

It would also be good if a little bit of cash could be used to talk about the enviromental threats posed by Atlantic salmon reared in the Pacific Ocean, and dams in the Pacific Northwest. This way we can make several positives out of a negative, and maybe save a few whales and some small-boat fishermen along the way.

Tim Bristol


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