Former custodian pleads guilty to sex assault charge

Some assault charges dismissed in plea agreement

Posted: Thursday, July 25, 2002

A former custodian for the Juneau School District admitted to giving a family member "knockout drops" to have sex with her while she was unconscious, prosecutor Rick Svobodny said during the man's change-of-plea hearing Wednesday in Juneau Superior Court.

Stanley Brown, 46, pleaded guilty to second-degree sexual assault stemming from an offense sometime between 1997 and 2001, during which he had sex with an adult family member while she was unconscious. According to court records, he videotaped the incident.

Original charges against Brown included third-degree sexual assault and incest, both felonies, stemming from the videotaped assault. He also faced charges of first-degree sexual abuse of a minor and first-degree sexual assault, both felonies, stemming from an incident of Jan. 31, in which Brown allegedly used threats of violence to force another family member, a 17-year-old girl, to have sex with him.

Those charges were dismissed as part of a plea agreement between defense attorney Patrick Conheady and District Attorney Svobodny. Neither returned calls for comment by the Empire's midday deadline.

The agreement did not include a sentencing recommendation. Superior Court Judge Larry Weeks could sentence Brown to as much as 10 years in prison and a fine of up to $50,000. Sentencing is scheduled for Sept. 23.

Members of the Brown family attended the court hearing Wednesday. After the hearing, Brown's sister said she believed he was innocent.

"He has been affected by what's been written about him (in news coverage)," said Karen Price, Brown's sister. "His kids love him and he loves his kids. Because of this our family is torn. He pleaded guilty because how's he supposed to receive a fair trial when people believe what has been written about him? ... There's always two sides to every story."

Price said Brown told her he would swear on a stack of Bibles that he did not rape the 17-year-old. Price said her brother is "turning his life around" and working toward a general education certificate.

The mother of the alleged teen-age victim said her daughter is searching for a new beginning. Their names are not being released to protect the anonymity of the girl.

"I think she's getting a little stronger," the mother said. "She's back in counseling and we're just trying to take all of this one day at a time and begin the healing process."

The woman said she doesn't wish Brown any ill will but hopes his punishment is just.

"I hope he gets the max (sentence)," she said. "My heart goes out to his whole family. I know this is a difficult time for them as well. I hope he gets some help and someday is able to accept responsibility for what he's done."

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