Honor for elders

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, July 25, 2003

How like pigeons our elders have now become. Like pigeons, the needful ones will now have to gather at the feet of the elected to wait for the feeding that is about to begin. Crumbs will be thrown, not because the elected favor pigeons, but because their action will look good long enough to get them beyond this delicate moment in time. Longevity, after all, is about time.

Where once there was honor in being an Alaskan elder, now there is not. Honor has been cut from the state budget, and in its place charity has been penciled in. It has been penciled in so that, in 10 months after its inception, this token of generosity bestowed only upon those desperately in need will end - erased forever. Those that had gathered to observe and honor this charity will have all gone away. The media will have new stories to chase after. There will be no one left to care. Though unlike pigeons, these needful elders will not fly away. They will not beg. They will not even complain. They will stoically accept what is and wait, perched upon life's wire with no safety net to catch them ... where ... one by one ... they will fall.

Fred Howard


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