JAHC awards annual scholarships

Posted: Friday, July 25, 2003

JUNEAU - The Juneau Arts & Humanities Council awarded $8,615 worth of scholarships to Juneau students who applied and auditioned in the spring.

Mike James won one of the $1,000 Advanced Art Achievement Awards with a drama performance. Whitney Harding won the other $1,000 scholarship for her visual art. The two advanced awards are specifically for graduating high school seniors.

Scholarships include $200 from the Juneau Symphony, awarded to Franz Felkl, and $500 from the Jane Stewart Memorial Music Scholarship, which was split between Akemi Kunibe and Erin Walker.

Other scholarships include: drama - Aldyn Brudie, $350; Seneca Harper, $350; Taimyr Ensor-Estes, $265; visual art - Sarah Elliott, $400; Kirsten Elstad, $50; dance - Dorian Smith, $400; Aszli Skrzynski, $300; Rachel Scandling, $300; music - Frankz Felkl (violin), $500; Akemi Kunibe (voice), $400; Bryan Diebels (piano), $400; Erin Walker (voice), $400; Nick Yankee (violin), $300; Megan Bush (violin), $300; Daniel Piorkowski (cello), $300; Beatriz Abella (voice), $250; Hope Aldrighette (voice), $250; Nina Schwinghammer (viola), $250; Electra Gardinier (voice), $250; Samantha Eyre (voice), $250; Laughton Elliott-DeAngelis (voice), $250; and Hani Siddeek (piano), $100.

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