Bush represents capitalists

Letter to the editor

Posted: Sunday, July 25, 2004

"Fahrenheit 9/11" shows President Bush's draw to money, and this is reflective of the people he represents, capitalists. There are two things that make the U.S. dollar worth anything to capitalists. First, we believe it's worth something as a whole; money is abstract, accounting is an art. Second, we continue to engage in war.

A government that has billions of dollars tied up into war machines cannot liquidate such assets if peace were to come about, but I'm sure the accountants would manage. We continue to believe money is real and run to the money changers for more; this behavior makes me laugh when I hear someone say "spank the bank."

Greed and need are cornerstones of our great nation; it keeps the machine moving. Let people taste money, and keep people needing basics. President Bush has shown great leadership in the game of capitalism; it's how the game is played; the best money is underground money; you can cry ethics, but there is nothing ethical about money. Socialists demonstrate a more holistic wellness of a nation by providing basic needs, which shuts down the machine and resurrects the human spirit. Thank you, President Bush, for showing us how ugly capitalism can be. As for the rest of you, I''ll see you on the playing field tomorrow.

Aaron Mattley


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