Save the Sundanese

Letter to the editor

Posted: Sunday, July 25, 2004

The massacres in Sudan continue. We are not doing enough about it.

Thousands have already died in Sudan because government-backed militias are attacking civilians. The Bush administration has made some promising steps by trying to get United Nations sanctions passed, but so far these have been frustrated.

Colin Powell's recent statements regarding the massacres and carnage in Sudan are a also a very welcome development. But more must be done. Strong words have to be backed by strong actions, and in this case troops may be necessary to stop the killing.

Yes, there are many other countries with the means to step in, but we must not rely on others like we did in Rwanda 10 years ago. Others tend to wait for the United States to take the first move in situations like these. If we are unwilling to make that move, tens of thousands more will die. We've been trumpeting our humanitarian role in Iraq long enough. Lets devote some resources to Sudan, where a small force may be enough to stop the carnage.

Please write to our congressional delegation and urge them to push for stronger measures in Sudan.

Patrick Minick


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