Away from Gummy Bears

Letter to the editor

Posted: Sunday, July 25, 2004

Let's see here? It is OK to bash those who oppose or have a different view other than your own, but it is not OK to produce a political cartoon about liberals. It is OK to bash the president of the United States as long as it goes with your views, but it is OK to scream censorship when it is your views that are being questioned. It is OK to call others "warmongers, bigots, and baby killers," etc., when it is convenient for you, but label a liberal and the tears start to flow.

Put the Gummy Bears down, step away from the sandbox, put on a John Denver album, sit down, open a bottle of French wine and have some cheese with your whine. There are a lot more important issues in life besides a political cartoon describing liberals and their feelings.

Marc T. Ormsby


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