Cavs behaved badly

Letter to the editor

Posted: Sunday, July 25, 2004

Let me get this straight. Christopher J. McCauley of Cleveland, Ohio, believes that the management of the Cleveland Cavaliers must have been on the right, ethical path because "common sense" dictates that they would never have given Carlos Boozer a raise this year by not exercising their option unless he had agreed to some secret deal, backroom that they were not even allowed to propose? ("Becoming a free agent by deception," July 20) That's preposterous. McCauley neglected to mention that the Cavs were required to let Boozer out of his deal this year if they were to lock him in at a lower salary for six years because the following year he would be an unrestricted free agent.

McCauley, and the others blithely accepting the tripe spouted forth by the Cavs' front office, should stop to think. The Cavs' management is trying to have it both ways. The Cavs' management either let Boozer out of the option that would have dreadfully underpaid him (some seven to 10 times under his worth) free and clear so that they would have the option to negotiate with him, or they violated league rules by negotiating a prohibited deal. Remember, they let him out of his option to try to lock him into a long-term one.

Why is it that when the Golden State Warriors took the exact same tack with Gilbert Arenas and he bolted to the Wizards, nobody from Golden State trash-talked Arenas' morals? The Boozer bad-mouthing from the Cavs' management has been decidedly inappropriate and disrespectful. McCauley should consider the Cavs' brutish and uncouth negotiating style of trying to hold players far under their worth. Berating players when they don't immediately take the lesser deal, a deal that most players realize is one of their two, maybe three, big contracts during their life, is ignorant. If the Cavs' management doesn't cease disrespecting players, they'll watch LeBron James bounce out of Cleveland as soon as he gets an offer from a big time program.

Aaron M. Clemens

Washington, D.C.

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