Roberts is well qualified for court

Letter to the editor

Posted: Monday, July 25, 2005

Judge John Roberts has everything necessary to become a Supreme Court justice - a keen mind, years of relevant experience and the near-universal respect of those in the legal community.

During his career as one of the nation's top appellate lawyers, Roberts appeared more than three dozen times before the Supreme Court. That experience helped him win approval to the federal appeals court for the Washington, D.C., circuit - often called the second-highest court in the land - earning the endorsement of the vast majority of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

The Los Angeles Times, not exactly a bastion of conservative thought, has praised Roberts' "sterling record." Keep that in mind as you see and hear the attack ads charging him with being a member of the "radical right." He is not. He is a mainstream judge who believes the Constitution should be interpreted as written.

Any purely partisan bid to block Judge Roberts must not be allowed to succeed. He deserves a fair hearing, and a fair vote in the Senate. Judge Roberts is too well-qualified to be denied a confirmation vote in the full Senate.

Damon Clemans


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