Unfair to liveaboards

Letter to the editor

Posted: Monday, July 25, 2005

Well, our user-unfriendly harbor board is at it again. It recently reduced fees for commercial fishers out at Auke Bay if they had paid-up moorage in town, which really makes sense.

In fact, all users should be able to use that moorage at a reduced rate, if they are paid up users in town. Especially since there is no permanent moorage space available in the harbor. I believe this is the ultimate "double dip" scam by our local government.

I certainly don't begrudge the break given to commercials fishers, but the rationale used to justify the break in moorage by the harbor board doesn't make sense, like the rest of its decisions (one reason used was the commercial fishers contributes to our local economy).

Don't my dollars count? As a live-aboard I have been paying 50 percent more over my regular moorage rate in live-aboard fees (yet to be determined what they are used for).

Now comes the final insult to our community. The harbor board declined to give seniors any kind of break on moorage and launch fees. With this attitude I guess you will reduce the number of stalls needed for our boater population by driving even more of the potential/existing users south to live because of increasingly high costs to maintain here in Juneau.

The state and city, along with the harbor board, should be seeking ways to encourage our seniors to stay here year-round, not run them off to more friendly states. I certainly don't hear our city administrators yelling, "That's how they do it down south when comparing breaks given to seniors in the Lower 48." But I heard them loud and clear when they say, "That's how they do it in Seattle when they wanted to raise our moorage rates."

The next local election can't come too soon.

Mark Burgoyne


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