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Posted: Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Wildlife advocates offer reward in wolf-killing case

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JUNEAU - About 10 Juneau residents pooled together funds for a $3,000 reward for information about the illegal killing of a black wolf last weekend.

The black wolf is believed to have been killed on Sunday, July 16. "This is about some local citizens who wanted to do everything they can to make sure this sort of event doesn't go unpunished," said Nick Jans, a local author and wildlife advocate who contributed to the award.

The Alaska Bureau of Wildlife Enforcement is investigating the wolf case. The bureau has also put out its own request for information.

On Monday, Juneau residents put up posters around town asking tipsters to call a cell phone number, (907) 321-5427. The $3,000 is for information that results in "criminal prosecution of those responsible for illegal killing and dumping" of the black wolf, the poster reads.

Some in Juneau believe that the dead wolf is likely the same wolf that has been commonly seen in the Mendenhall Lake area.

Many Juneau residents allowed their dogs to play with the black wolf, dubbed Romeo because of its seeming love for dogs. A genetic test is planned to determine if the dead wolf is Romeo.

The wolf was shot several times and its throat was slit, a state biologist confirmed Monday. The carcass was found last Monday at a pullout on Thane Road.

The out-of-season shooting of the black wolf broke several state game laws.

The Bureau of Wildlife Enforcement is also seeking tips about the wolf shooting at (907) 465-4000.

Village boy dies after inhaling gas

ANCHORAGE - A 12-year-old boy in Mountain Village died Monday after voluntarily inhaling gas for nearly 20 minutes, Alaska State Troopers said.

Anthony Waskey and three other juvenile males went to the dock in Mountain Village and began huffing gas. Huffing is the inhalation of chemical vapors to achieve a feeling of euphoria or other altered mental or physical state.

Waskey became unresponsive after 15-20 minutes of huffing.

He was carried by the three other boys to his residence after he became unresponsive.

CPR was performed there until local health aids arrived and pronounced Waskey dead, officials said. They said his family was present at the time.

The boy's body will be taken to the State Medical Examiners Office in Anchorage for an autopsy.

Mountain Village is a community of about 800 on the north bank of the Yukon River, 470 miles northwest of Anchorage.

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