Wake Up Call

Posted: Sunday, July 25, 2010

The net effect of the Palin/Parnell Administration's "AGIA Process" is to leave Alaskans paying over $20 billion to build the oil industry's "Denali Pipeline" for them.

Everything about the TransCanada/Exxon/AGIA pipeline is the same as the Denali PIpeline: same basic route, same destination, same flow volume, same lousy prices for gas guaranteed for us.

Now Parnell is trying to backtrack and say that TC "could" build a pipeline to Valdez, instead. That's like saying Ford CAN build a truck. It doesn't change the agenda one bit.

We have two dishonest candidates working for Big Oil on the ballot. Parnell is here to make us pay for a gas pipeline to Canada. Samuels is here to make us repeal the ACES oil tax.

They have no shame, no morals, and they will beat us if they can. By running two pro-oil candidates, Parnell and Samuels, Big Oil is telling us to choose our poison.

That leaves one real Alaskan for Governor, Bill Walker, on the Republican ticket, and Hollis French on the Democratic ticket, who are committed to Alaska's best interests.

Neither one are front runners. Go figure who has the money and who is spending it to skew the August 24th primary election.

Anna von Reitz

Big Lake

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