Happy Birthday, Steve

Posted: Sunday, July 25, 2010

Steve Sztuk celebrated his birthday on July 24.

He's extremely independent and can figure out anything on his own. He can fix everything whether it's broken or not. He is talented as an artist. He can draw anything free hand.

A World War II Veteran, he went into the military when he was 17. His dad brought him to Juneau and signed him up. He's still defending our right to remain free!

He is a holder of the prestigious FAA Charles Taylor award for over 50 years as an aviation mechanic.

He holds the rank of Lt. Col. in Civil Air Patrol and has been a member of the Juneau Squadron for 59 years. He wears the distinguished pilot wings of Command Pilot. He has been credited with saving many lives in his search and rescue efforts.

He's been a member of the Juneau 4th of July Parade Committee for many years.

He has a great sense of humor! He loves to play practical jokes on all he knows, so if you're around him, watch your back! How old is he? He thinks he's 38! We won't tell him he's not. Happy Birthday, Steve!

Jean Sztuk

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