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Posted: Sunday, July 25, 2010

It was a day later than scheduled, and at times on the Fourth we weren't sure it was going to happen, but thankfully the weather gave us a window. However, the weather is only one facet of what makes the fireworks happen every year. Behind the scenes there are lots of volunteers and many civic-minded local businesses and organizations that make significant contributions to the success of the show.

AGGPRO trucks sand over to fill up the box with the "big guns," Alaska Marine Lines not only gets the powder to town but provides other invaluable shore-side logistics, DIPAC provides us with the barge we shoot the show from and, needless to say, they are a great partner. Of course we need someone to tow the barge, and this year Revilla Tug came to the rescue providing the tug, Eathan B, the main cruise-ship-assist vessel in town. Northland Services handles our container of equipment, Jeffus and Williams and the Nugget Alaskan Outfitter provide expertise and other support. Petro Marine helps handling supplies and Trucano Construction cranes our container on and off the barge. So while the fireworks themselves are paid for by the CBJ, there are major donations that make the fireworks happen. Donations that we really appreciate.

Volunteering on the crew this year were, Mitch Bacus, Jason Bluhm, Jeff and Michelle Brown, Bob Cartmill, Sigrid Dahlberg, Bruce, Carly, and Mathew Garrison, Michael and Catherine Lushkin, Tom and Peggy Laurent, Wade McKeown, Kyle O'Brien, Deb Rudis, Greg Smith and Kim Titus. Over the course of the couple weeks prior to the show, volunteers will contribute on average 16 hours, and some cases more than 40 hours in the preparation and clean up of the show. Thank you all.

Co-Chair Ron Flint on behalf of Co-Chairs

Mark O'Brien and Gary Stambaugh

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