Thanks to the Juneau Community from CHOICE

Posted: Sunday, July 25, 2010

It was a busy and productive year for students with the Choosing Healthy Options in Cooperative Education program at Juneau-Douglas High School. Now that the school year has come to a close, there are several members of the Juneau community who need to be thanked for helping the program be so successful.

Donald Gregory, Lisa Ibias, Mark Ibias, Jackie Wagner, Ashia Alvey, Ann Schmid, Mischa Plunkett, Mike Young, and Michael Gainer led Beyond School classes that taught students hands-on skills and how they can give back to their community. The students learned about graphic designing, Tlingit woodcarving, recording radio PSAs, cooking techniques, mask-making, creating carnival games for younger students and creating art from beads. Thank you very much for sharing your talents!

Thanks to all of the volunteers who took time out of their busy schedules to facilitate Reconnecting Youth sessions. Bob Swanson, Marcelo Maiorano, and Brandon Howard all helped students gain a better understanding of how to make healthy lifestyle decisions, manage their moods and set and obtain goals.

We'd like to recognize Alaska Pacific Bank for generously matching the money that the students earned in their Penny Drive Fundraiser. As a result, a total of $293 was donated to Gastineau Humane Society.

We are also very grateful to all of the businesses in the area that hosted a sophomore intern. We'd like to thank everyone at Shear Design, The Hangar on the Wharf, Torentino's, Sears, Western Auto, Imagination Station, Capitol Disposal, Valley Lumber, JRC-Valley, Pavitt Health & Fitness, Don Abel, ANB Hall, NCADD, T&H Central Council, AWARE, The Canvas, Department of Employment Security, Gastineau Humane Society, Perseverance Theatre, DIPAC and the Zach Gordon Teen Center. All of theses organizations provided the students with invaluable opportunities to learn about the workplace environment.

The CHOICE program relies heavily on the support it receives from the community. We sincerely appreciate all of the help that has been provided. Thanks again!

Wyatt Huff

Americorps VISTA for CHOICE


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