Dick Cheney: He's no Dan Quayle

Posted: Wednesday, July 26, 2000

Republican presidential candidate George W. Bush's pick of Dick Cheney as his running mate was a safe choice - no fireworks or hidden agendas - a solid pick.

Cheney is one of those few who actually was respected on both sides of the aisle in Congress, and he brings a wealth of national and international knowledge that many acknowledge is lacking in the soon-to-be GOP nominee.

Cheney's best known for serving as Defense Secretary under former President George Bush, and his involvement in the invasion of Panama and Desert Storm. But he also was chief of staff under President Ford and served six terms as a congressman from Wyoming, rising to a key party position.

Most recently, he's been chief executive officer of Halliburton Co., an energy and construction conglomerate. Cheney obviously has the political background and he's spent time in the private sector as well.

It was an interesting pick. Some thought Bush would tap Sen. John McCain. The Arizona senator appealed to more liberal Republicans and moderate Democrats and probably would have brought in more votes. Yet many political pundits pointed out those two would probably fight more amongst themselves than present unified front against the Democrats.

Cheney is known more as a team player and in the end that probably tipped the balance in his favor. His public and private sector credentials, ironically enough, probably make him a better candidate than Bush, but so goes public sentiment.

Of course, Cheney does bring some political baggage: he's more conservative than Bush, which won't help bring in swing voters; he's also living in Texas, which won't help Bush bring in another key state; and the fact he worked for the elder Bush won't sit well with some either.

Yet overall, Bush did the right thing in picking a vice presidential candidate who fulfills the key strategy - do no harm. He probably got that advice from his father: remember Dan Quayle?

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