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Posted: Wednesday, July 26, 2000

The University of Alaska is not a detriment. Each year it brings in $60 million in research dollars and about 25 percent of Alaska's adult population take at least one class. Plus, 4,300 private sector jobs are supported by the university.

In response to the individual who obviously knows nothing about Little League or the funding and the sponsorship fees available to broadcast girls softball - there was plenty of sponsorship money and ability available. The radio stations and the board just opted not to make it available and give the girls the equitable coverage that they deserve.

To the radio stations, you don't even try to sell advertising for girls' softball. Girls have always taken a back seat to the boys' sports in this town. When are you going to wake up and stop discriminating against young women in this town?

If I read one more thing about those pink plastic birds, I will puke.

Regarding the article on George Wright, I wish there were more gentleman like him. He is very much involved with the children of this community. How many people can say that?

I'm glad that they are investigating bingo. There is a lot of funny business going on in the bingo halls.

To the person who had an open burn last night, did you get a fine for the smoke? That smoke was worse than any tourist ship.

I noticed a lot more smoke and haze in the channel during the Fourth of July due to the fireworks and the beach fires. We should lighten up on the tour ship smoke or eliminate the Fourth of July in Juneau.

The road to Skagway is a simple issue. I'm a lifelong Juneau resident and I say yes, yes, yes to the Juneau to Skagway road issue.

When I moved to Douglas 20 years ago there were absolutely no planes overhead. Now, I not only have jets coming this way but floatplanes flying so low they are practically underfoot and helicopters are overhead all day long. Whoever thinks the noise problem has been solved in Douglas is nuts. They should come sit on my deck some afternoon.

The 40,000 landings on the glacier actually means 80,000 flights. Remember they have to come back. Seven helicopters fly over my house every 20 minutes and that's only one company. There must be some control on the tourist situation. It's not the fault of the tourists. It's the lack of proper planning and the city constantly giving in to the greed of the tourist industry.

The mayor should fight to change when property taxes are due to when the PFD comes out.

Animals have rights even in Alaska. Leg hold traps are cruel and cruelty to animals is evil.

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