Reality sinks in

Posted: Thursday, July 26, 2001

A giant humpback whale, No. 68 by name, and her unborn calf were apparently killed by an industrial cruise ship of bone-shattering enormity. They were both killed with one mighty neck-separating blow to the mother whale's head.

At first knowledge, this news is mostly tragic. Then as it really begins to sink in, great sadness turns to justifiable anger.

I must ask concerned individuals this question: How much more of this gargantuan, floating-city presence in our Southeastern Alaskan waters can we, will we, tolerate? When will we simply say that the beautiful natural system we all profess to love so much is really of paramount importance to us? When will we rise up to say we will not any longer tolerate a monetary-driven cruiseship industry that is mostly profit-ugly? An industry whose internal process of profit-making becomes outwardly ugly and manifests this fact in the presence of its obscene superships.

No. 68, a gentle giant, and her unborn calf are dead. But the obscene gargantuans sail placidly on, through our pristine, glacier-fed waters.

Alan R. Munro


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