Compensation not windfall

Posted: Friday, July 26, 2002

As a commercial fisherman in the throes of adjusting to new restrictions on my personal economic potentials, I object to the Empire's characterization of Glacier Bay compensation as windfall.

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Unearned pennies from heaven are windfall; gambling winnings are windfall. Just compensation for the economic impacts now suffered and to be suffered in our communities by the loss of commercial fishing in Glacier Bay is not a windfall. There is an old saying, "A man's dinner is only important to himself." Profound demographic, lifestyle, income and social changes likewise can have varied perceptions based on personal involvement.

What is devastating to me on several levels may never make the conscious level of thoughtful consideration in others. Labeling community compensation as windfall deeply offends me with my years of work both at sea and in Gustavus and should offend all fishermen and support persons whose long labors have earned this small recompense for losses both to ourselves and future generations.

Char Damron


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