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Posted: Friday, July 26, 2002

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Driving is a privilege and voting is a right. It's pretty bad when people in this town and in the state are not making more stink about people's voting rights being stomped on, even if it's the primary, that's where it begins. We need more people to stand up and say something about this. There's a select group of people here who are losing their voting rights. It might be small, and it might be big, but that's our right to vote how we wish.

Mike Early

I'd like to congratulate all three Juneau girls little league teams that won state titles this past week. As usual KINY decided to go with an all-male review and would not broadcast any of the girls' games, which is par for the course. And I'd like to congratulate my daughter Ashley and all her teammates on their third state title. So they've won as many titles or more as the boys have. And I can't understand why KINY discriminates against the girls in this town and continues to do so.

Scott Larson

Mayor Smith proudly says Juneau is the most beautiful state capital. Who can disagree? I don't. May I then suggest to Mayor Smith and all us proud Juneauites that Auke Bay school has the most beautiful setting of any school in this most beautiful state capital. Go look. See for yourself. The proposed UAS/National Guard facility will destroy this setting. Alternatives exist. Voice your concerns, please. Request a Corps of Engineers hearing. One voice can't do it. Maybe many can.

Bill Dunn

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