Don't bundle city's capital projects

Letter to the editor

Posted: Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The Juneau Assembly's current position that a Valley municipal pool should be bundled with other community needs on the fall ballot is problematic at best and condescending at worst.

On the surface, supporters will sell the idea as an efficient means to address local needs. However, this all or nothing approach is stunning in its arrogance. It implies that voters may not approve the pool project; therefore, the community must choose between valid infrastructure needs with a pool, or nothing at all.

In quiet conversations this would be known as "people are too stupid to know what's best for them."

I have not decided how I will vote on the pool proposal if it is a line item on the ballot; my decision will be based on the funding method and whether we get a reasonable answer as to why the Assembly rejected the Alaska Club's offer to build a Valley pool without tax dollars for construction or maintenance.

I do know I will gladly vote "no" if infrastructure improvements and the pool are bundled together. I believe the people of Juneau can be trusted to make an informed choice item by item, do you?

Bruce Abel


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