Please consider the fluoridation facts

Posted: Thursday, July 26, 2007

I am writing this letter in response to all of the misinformed articles I have been reading lately. Have any of you people out there even done any research on fluoride at all?

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The Environmental Protection Agency lists lead as a toxic substance with a classification of three to four (the higher the number, the more toxic) and fluoride is listed a solid four.

The maximum contaminant level for lead is set at 0.015 parts per million and the current level for fluoride is 4 parts per million, 350 times higher than lead. It is one of the most bone seeking elements known to man. Why do you think there is a poison control label on fluoridated toothpaste?

Drinking bottled water is not the answer as human skin is a sponge and every time you shower, bathe or even go swimming you are soaking up toxic waste through your skin. Fluoride has a cumulative effect in the human body and builds up over time, causing all kinds of health problems ranging from arthritis to cancer and a wide range of things in between including osteoporosis. For years, it was only approved as a rat poison and insecticide as it is a toxic byproduct of fertilizer manufacturing. The shipping containers, to this day, have a skull and cross bones on them. Only five grams will kill an adult human.

Do some research and make an informed decision when the issue is put on the ballot. I don't have any children, but I pay to put everyone else's children through school. How about you parents out there that want your children to take fluoride give them fluoride drops every day, let them use fluoridated toothpaste and please stop poisoning me. Teach your children good oral hygiene and watch what they eat, and it will do more good than fluoride ever will.

Steven Church


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