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Posted: Sunday, July 27, 2003

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration statistics prove drivers age 70 or higher need to be tested for driving safety. In the last decade this age group showed an increase of 17 percent for driver fatalities and 14 percent for their occupant fatalities. It's common, medical fact that our vision, hearing and ability to respond diminishes as we age. It makes practical sense to ensure that motorists, both young and old, pass a physical driver's test at crucial times in their lives. Let's hope our Legislature will study this in the next year.

There should be another way to determine when seniors become incapable of driving properly. If we are going to require annual testing of seniors, what about annual testing of convicted drunken drivers or what about testing of habitual persons who get speeding tickets. These people are have many more accidents than seniors. There are many ways to deal with persons who shouldn't be driving. Picking an age out of the hat as to when a person should be inconvenienced by annual testing is not the way. Most seniors I have known bow out of driving on their own, or with encouragement from family and/or friends.

Having a friend nearly die because of a senior having a "senior moment" while driving makes me say YES to the test.

I believe every driver should be road tested at regular intervals.

Yes. All seniors over the age of 65 years should be required to pass a written, hearing, vision and driving test to retain the privilege of driving. Most people, when they age, experience declining reflexes, thought processes, vision and hearing, mental comprehension and practically every other body and sensor capability that we all have. It is foolish and prideful to think that certain individuals do not.

If a person is capable of driving well, let him/her pass a test. There should be no ifs, ands or buts either. It should be mandatory for all.

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