Super patriots stay silent, media caves in

Letter to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Presidential adviser Karl Rove admitted he revealed the identity of an undercover CIA agent to reporters and that agent was then publicly identified and "outed." Rove compromised an agent, the agent's sources, and damaged our nation's security, all for smarmy political reasons. This was unforgivably and grossly negligent or Rove is in felonious violation of the law. Either way, he should be fired immediately.

President Bush twice promised to fire anyone in the White House who leaked the agent's identity, but he now says "only if it's proved that person committed a crime." I guess Bush fears to be without his brain. But that brain has a very serious defect. Rove has dishonored his position and proved he can not be trusted. Bush should honor his promise to America and fire Karl Rove.

You might expect our public media to go ballistic over this like they did over Monica Lewinsky's notorious blue dress, but most show little courage. They've even caved in on their time-honored protection of sources ethics for financial reasons they say, but it is really a sad demonstration of a spineless lack of basic integrity. Shame on them.

You might expect all the chest-thumping, loudly self-proclaiming political "super patriots" of President Bush's party to raise a resounding hue and cry over this treasonous outrage to call it what it is. But these "leaders" remain mostly silent, placing our nation's security far behind party loyalty. They choose instead to disparage those who challenge this treachery. Shame on them all; they disgust me.

Erik Lie-Nielsen


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