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Posted: Wednesday, July 27, 2005

... from Southeast Senior Services and Hoonah Senior Center

Southeast Senior Services and the Hoonah Senior Center wish to say Gunalcheesh to the Andersons and Friends for donating their time and musical talent to make the Hoonah fundraising dance a success. Thank you all who supported and attended the July 23 fundraising dance in Hoonah. All proceeds help the meal and transportation programs at the Hoonah Senior Center.

Gunalcheesh to the following organizations and businesses who donated goods, services and door prizes to the fundraising effort: HIA and Johanna Dybdahl; Hoonah Trading; Hoonah Liquor Store; Wings; L.A.B.; Icy Straight; Mary Inn; Tideland Tackle; ANB; and Collete Cupboard.

Sidney Fadaoff

NTS Regional Coordinator for Southeast Senior Services

... to Carlos Boozer

Carlos Boozer is a joy and pride to the Juneau community.

He has no idea how many lives he has touched "just being the person his parents raised him to be."

In my mind's eye, I can still see Carlos sitting in front of his locker, and pulling his legs in with a polite "Oh, I'm sorry" as I made my way in the halls of Juneau-Douglas High School. I also recall, with fond memories, having him try on his tuxedo as he got ready for prom, and I stood on a step or two in order to be able to adjust his bowtie.

Thank you for the memories Carlos. Keep up your fantastic spirit and hard work ethic!

Dolores and Don Garcia

... for gift of whale-watching trips

Thank you to Four Seasons for the gift of whale-watching trips for our four guest artists at Camp Damp. The Oregon band came to camp refreshed, inspired and ready to play music all weekend. Their stories of whales, salmon, sea lions and eagles peppered dinner conversations Friday night. Many thanks for your generosity to our Camp Damp musicians.

Juneau Contradancers

... to the city's street division for good work

I would like to thank the street division of Juneau. They did an outstanding job on Central, a street in Lemon Creek. The workers on the road crew deserve a big "well done." Thanks.

The McEdward family

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