Why limit the travel in and out of city?

Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, July 27, 2006

I've been reading all of the letters to the editor, and I am all for the road in and out of Juneau. Juneau is my home, but now I live in Anchorage. All of my family and friends are in Juneau, and for me and my family of three to get plane tickets there for one weekend is about $1,000 (for an hour and a half flight). And to drive to Haines and then get on a ferry to Juneau, we'd pay more than $500 just for one weekend, which just isn't worth it. Plus Alaska Airlines is a monopoly and feels it can charge its customers whatever it would like because it's the only airline going in and out of Juneau. I can get cheaper round-trip tickets all the way to the East Coast from Anchorage. When is another airline going to come into Juneau?

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For all of you who are worried about the road ruining the pristine wildlife and trees, get over it. There is plenty of that to go around. It's abundant here in Alaska. This is the largest state in the United States and there's plenty of wildlife to go around. This is 2006, why should Juneau not have a road in and out?

Cat Okegawa


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